FAITH by the numbers

Faith by the Numbers: The Socio-economic Impact of Religion in the U.S. is based on unprecedented research conducted by Brian Grim (Georgetown University) and Melissa Grim (Newseum Institute), and published in the peer-reviewed Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion. With a combined impact of $1.2 trillion annually, Faith Counts wanted to demonstrate the scale of the findings in a way that was easily accessible.

We condensed over 30 pages of empirical analysis into a short script, and built a unique blend of live-video and motion design to bring the research to life. This video was accompanied by the development of a full slide deck for live presentations, multiple infographics for social sharing, and several one-sheets for reporter reference during the press release.

Faith by the Numbers was quickly picked up by news outlets, and featured on the Washington Post, Christianity Today, Crux, Religion News Service, and Fox News. Faith by the Numbers was awarded Gold in the Motion Graphics Information category during the 2017 Hermes Creative Awards.

Faith Counts

Gary Gasse

Coronation Media

Gary Gasse

Gary Gasse

Peter Kelly

Graphic Design: 
Bill Phillips
jason bach

Gary Gasse
Kevin Carmack

Sound Design: 
Peter Kelly