Faith Is on Everyone's Mind

CALL: FaithCounts is a platform where groups from different faith backgrounds come together to share the positive impact that faith and religion can make in the world. FaithCounts came to us to make content that was unifying and uplifting, that didn’t put a preference on any religion while at the same time didn’t downplay our unique and vibrant histories and cultures.  

CRAFT: We decided to go with whimsy. “Faith Is on Everyone's Mind" was developed as a lighthearted exploration into some of the wonderful, varied, and vibrant hats and head-coverings worn to express faith and religious devotion. We further underlined the richness of each culture with an original pop composition utilizing traditional instruments.

CROWN: "Faith Is on Everyone's Mind" was featured in AMCP's Spotlight Awards in September, 2017, and was awarded platinum in the informational category during the 2017 MarCom Awards. It won gold in the category of Public Service during the 2018 ADDY awards for the American Advertising Federation of Greater Frederick.

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Faith Counts


Gary Gasse

Bill Phillips

Gary Gasse

Art Direction: 
Bill Phillips

Sound Design: 
Peter Kelly

Peter Kelly