god is changing lives

CALL: The Word Among Us Partners reaches 64,500 prisoners through its magazine ministry each year. Al's testimony is just one of many stories about how God Is Changing Lives through The Word Among Us. The Word Among Us wanted to celebrate these stories in a new way, and called us.

CRAFT: We created a video series called God Is Changing Lives to tell these stories. Each mini-documentary profiles an individual who had dramatic life changes sparked by an encounter with the publication. We worked closely with the team at The Word Among Us to find the right subjects and to tell their stories in honest and compelling ways.

CROWN: In addition to the main goal of the series, to inspire readership with meaningful stories of people like them, the series has also been a valuable fundraising tool for the organization. Each story produced for The Word Among Us addresses a different facet of their ministry, increasing brand awareness by sharing the ongoing work of the organization. Both videos in the series so far have received silver ADDYs in the categories of Public Service and Branded Content.

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