CALL: Faith Counts is a platform where groups from different faith backgrounds come together to share the positive impact that faith and religion can make in the world. Faith Counts came to us to make content that was unifying and uplifting, that didn’t put a preference on any individual religion—while at the same time emphasizing our unique and vibrant histories and cultures.

CRAFT: The Golden Rule answers the question, "What do all major world religions have in common?" This concept was our solution to Faith Counts' request for a short video with a strong positive message about faith. We chose to focus on the language of the “Golden Rule” as it is found in various world religions, the scribes who wrote it, and the tools they used to do it. The result is a meditative journey which emphasizes the similarities of different faiths within the framework of their unique beliefs.

CROWN: The project has garnered hundreds of thousands of views and encouraged brand interaction on multiple platforms. The Golden Rule was awarded gold in the category of animation during the 2017 MarCom Awards, and Silver

A fan of foley? Listen to a stripped down track of our custom sound design below:

Faith Counts

Coronation Media

Gary Gasse

Bill Phillips

Gary Gasse
Kevin Carmack

Written by: 
Gary Gasse
Jennifer Nicholson

Graphic Design: 
BILL Phillips

Sound Design: 
Peter Kelly