The Highest Good

CALL: Trinity High School is creating something dynamic and new to schools in the U.S.: a household system. This means big changes to the school, but also a rededication to the Trinity’s foundational value: seeking the highest good.

CRAFT: We worked closely with the Trinity administrative staff and faculty to create a video that represented both what was new and what was lasting about the school. For Trinity, the dedication to the highest good was the most important thing to communicate. To that end, all of our narrative decisions functioned in service of that mission.

CROWN: As the flagship video for Trinity High School, this video serves as an initial introduction to the Trinity brand and has racked up over 50k views. The video received enthusiastic responses from the administration, faculty, and students, and is serving as a tool to grow admissions for years to come.

Trinity High School

Coronation Media

Gary Gasse

Bill Phillips

Gary Gasse
Dylan Ellicott

Production assistant: 
Will Maciejewski

Sound Mix: 
Peter Kelly

Kevin Michaluk
Dylan Ellicott